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Mary Luz Bermudez is a BS with a major in psychology and certified as a hypnotists by the Board National Guilt of Hypnotists.

After being trained and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss in past life regression, this has become one of her specialties.

We are LALF


Non-profit organization providing educational services and human developing.


Is not affiliated to any sect, religion, political party, organization, or institution.


Is not part of dispute resolution, does not endorse or oppose any cause.

LALF just

Educates people and their families to learn to live a healthier and happier life and to take care of our surroundings and to live in harmony with our nature as it deserves.

More of our director

She couples this with 25 years of experience in family education and social work. Her experience in these fields was gained through working with major leaders of social work in Houston such as: Catholic Charities as a lead case manager in human trafficking, United Health at the clinical department, Escape Family Resource Center as a family educator, and the Houston Area Women’s center as a Volunteer counselor and mediator for victims of domestic violence; both women and children.

Mary Luz is the author of 4 books related to self help and findings she has come across through her current private practice as a hypnotist, motivator, and family educator.

Our director is also a motivational international speaker.


Who we help

LALF provide services to every person regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, economic social status, religion or believe, or any particular situation.

LALF’s mission is to educate people acquire knowledge of the wonder of life by teaching seminars that contribute to the development of humankind, to love and compassion for spiritual growth, healing, and the happiness of mankind.

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