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Volunteer in LALF Love, Joy & Light Foundation

Are you interested in becoming a LALF volunteer?


Please fill out the basic LALF volunteer questionnaire. If your interests, talents and availability combine with the needs of LALF you will be interviewed.

LALF requires people with special skills and values ​​and a commitment of time to donate their volunteer work.

Below is a list of questions that will help you decide if LALF is the best place for you.

Discuss with the most important people in your family before making the decision. Remember that volunteering is a commitment. It is important to find the right place to commit to volunteer work.

The selection process to obtain a volunteer position requires several steps and trips to the LALF headquarters before you can start volunteering. These trips include attending orientations for volunteers, interviews and training. There will be 3 trips to the headquarters of LALF.

  • LALF requires at least 3 hours a week of volunteer work. It can be at your home or at the headquarters of LALF.
  • To be a volunteer in LALF, apart from wanting to share your individual talents, you need certain skills such as: Managing time, communication, teamwork and taking initiative.

Do you agree to make these trips required to complete the process to volunteer?

Do you have time in your life to assume this commitment?

Do you consider that you have these skills?

If you answered YES, to all of these questions, we encourage you to complete the questionnairy to be a volunteer. Thanks for your support.

Volunteer LALF

Are you at least 18 years old?

Please describe what would be the potential issues that would prevent you from fulfilling your commitment to volunteer work.

Please say why you want to volunteer at LALF, be as specific as possible and include the following: Characteristics and skills that would benefit LALF If you have previously worked as a volunteer, what has been the greatest satisfaction and challenges you have had. Which position are you interested in and why?

13 + 7 =

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