Workshops - Lal Foundation

Stress Management

Through our stress management workshops, we provide tools to help individuals manage their stress levels. We help people and families identify the triggers that are causeing their high stress levels. We provide support to people that may be dealing with stress related to their work, family, or financial problems. Our goal is to help people better manage their stress in order to live, a happier and healthier lives.

Healthy Lifestyle

LALF provides healthy lifestyle workshops that stress the importance of nutrition and exercise in living a healthy, happy life. We educate participants help them to select foods that are both nutritional and affordable. We also incorporate a yoga-based training program designed to body and mind. All of our workshops and seminars are designed to promote personal development and growth.

Domestic Violence

Our domestic violence program is focused on prevention through education and helping people identify abusive relationships. We discuss what domestic abuse is, the short and long-term consequences of it, and.

Parenting Skills

LALF recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families wich in turn helps prevent child abuse and neglect. LALF offer education and prevention to families to help protect children and produce thriving families.

Additionally, we assist people by providing a strong support system that they can turn to during difficult times. We strive to instill self-esteem and self-confidence within all participants.